Restaurant Website Redesign for Tapatio’s of Lakeland

Case Study

Tapatio’s Restaurant Mexicano is a family-owned local favorite. They cook everything from scratch, using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes handed-down through the generations.

Everything they make is fantastic, whether it’s dine-in or to-go. As their brand has grown, they’ve expanded to two restaurant locations and an attached store which o­ffers a variety of Mexican and Latin American products.

The Problem

The Process


The family gave Web Lakeland a call after finding us on Google. We set up a 1 hour in person consultation to discuss their goals for the project.


We then created a detailed mockup of their new website, which was sent to the family for feedback. After just a couple rounds of revisions, the design was approved and ready for development.


The website redesign was finished in roughly 3 weeks. Since we were overhauling their online ordering system as part of the project, we setup a second meeting to show the finished result as well as train on the new ordering system.

New website goes LIVE

The entire process was streamlined and low-stress, putting the family at ease that their brand was in good hands. This project was a joy to work on, and not just because of all the delicious Mexican food! A huge thanks and shoutout to David, the owner’s son. Your fast responses and clear vision for this project were a big factor in the success and speed of its completion.

The Results

We completed a full redesign of the Tapatio’s website with updated, modern branding. Their new mobile-responsive site provides an excellent user experience for both dine-in and to-go customers on any device.

Website Design for a
Multiple-Location Business

As Tapatio’s has two locations, they needed a way to conveniently route trac to both locations. Each location is owned by a dierent branch of the family and each preferred to keep their website separate.

We created a popup that appears the rst time a user accesses the site. The popup shows both locations, allowing a visitor to easily click through to the right location.

Adding a Blog

A blog was a non-negotiable for Tapatio’s that we were happy to build for them. Using the new blog, they can quickly and easily update their customers about promos, events, and other restaurant happenings. In addition, each blog post provides a unique and permanent link they can share on social media.

On their old website, Tapatio’s wasn’t able to update the blog without contacting their developer. This was a lengthy and frustrating process, typically resulting in updates not being shared in time. With Web Lakeland, the family can log into their client dashboard and add a new blog in under 5 minutes.

Designing a Webpage for
the Grocery Store

Tapatio’s needed to showcase their annexed grocery store on their website, something most restaurant website templates would not be capable of. Because we design everything from scratch around our client’s needs, we were able to add specific pages for the grocery store.

This store page is accessible from the main menu of the site, increasing customer awareness.

A Full-Featured Pickup and
Delivery Ordering System

We built out a completely new, modernized system for Tapatio’s to-go orders. Thanks to Web Lakeland, they were able to throw out their decades-old fax machine – we replaced it with a brand new tablet capable of handling all their orders.

Customers can order food, customize menu options, and save credit card information to quickly reorder later. When an order comes it, it is sent directly to their Tapatio’s kitchen tablet for a streamlined experience.

Not only is the system powerful, it’s simple for the restaurant owners to operate via their client dashboard. If they sell out of a dish or want to add a special of the day, they can quickly change it with the point and click editor accessible from any laptop or tablet.

The online ordering system truly proved its salt when when the COVID-19 crisis hit just a few weeks after we completed this redesign project. Thanks to the new system, Tapatio’s was able to keep a steady flow of revenue from to-go orders, all while keeping their staff safe by keeping customers out of the restaurant.

Tapatio’s Review of Web Lakeland


Great service that can not only help with sites, but they can also o­ffer innovative solutions to any applicable tech problem. They were with us every step of the way, and built the new site we were looking for. They also helped us with some in house tech issues allowing us to streamline and increase productivity.”

The Science

A “sticky menu” refers to a type of menu that remains visible at the top of the page as you scroll down the site. Keeping the navigation menu in constant view improves the user experience, as visitors will never have to waste time to scroll up before clicking through to a new page.

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The site also features two staples of Web Lakeland website redesigns: a sticky menu and click to call.

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In addition, the Call to Action (CTA) buttons featured on the right of the primary menu are always visible with a sticky menu.

Click to Call will automatically start a call to the restaurant from the phone app when a visitor clicks on the phone number from a mobile device. This streamlines calls and reduces human error entering numbers, increasing Tapatio’s calls per month.

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Tapatio’s restaurant draws visitors in from the moment they land on the page. High-quality photos of Tapatio’s signature dishes are attractively arranged across the site. The end result? It’s hard to look at the site too long without your mouth watering.

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Improving the Online
Ordering Experience

When it comes to online ordering, convenience is key. Customers expect the same level of service from an online system as they do from an in-person visit. They’re quick to avoid a restaurant’s to-go if their order is incorrect, delayed, or otherwise frustrating.

The new ordering system comes with advanced item customization. Three meat options, but beef costs more? Extra guacamole? No problem. Now, customers know exactly what they’re getting and how much they’re paying for surcharges and upgrades.

Coupons and bundle deals are built-in to the ordering interface, helping to convert new website visitors into first-time customers. Tapatio’s online ordering system also allows customers to save their payment information and past orders. Reordering is a snap with these enabled.

This high-functioning online order system allowed Tapatio’s to bypass aggregator apps like GrubHub or UberEats, which can leverage fees of over 30% of the order total.

Before Vs. After

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