How It Works

Our 30 day free trial gives you a taste of everything Web Lakeland has to offer. In just 6
simple steps, we’ll transform your outdated website into one you can brag about.

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Step 1:

Tell Us About
Your Business

Every project starts with a conversation, be it a call with our founder Michael or through our interactive sign-up process. We’ll go over some basics – your industry, lead generation process, etc. – and hash out your design preferences.

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web Lakeland Signup form website URL
Web Lakeland Design reference Form
web Lakeland Signup form
Web Lakeland Price Plan
Step 2:

Receive your 100% free, 100% Custom Website Mockup

Once we’ve settled on a look and feel for your site, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work. Within 5 days, we’ll deliver a completely custom mockup utilizing your existing content and branding. No templates, pre-fab sites, or clones of your competitors here. 

Web Lakeland Analytic
web Lakeland Designed from scratch
Step 3:

Approve your mockup or suggest revisions

We want you to love your new website, no matter how long it takes us to get there. Request as many changes as you like. We promise we don’t mind. We offer unlimited revisions during design and development phases. 

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Step 4:

We get our nerd on (and develop your website)

Here’s where the magic happens. We build every part of your website from the ground up, turning your mockup into a beautiful, functional website. The new site is private and password-protected so no one will see it before it’s perfect.

Web Lakeland Development step 4 four
We get our nerd on (and develop your website)
Step 5:

Your new website
goes LIVE

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. You’ll have time to review and test your new site, and suggest updates. Once we have your approval, we’ll swap your old site with the new one (with zero downtime or interruptions to your business process). 

Web design for non-profit organisation
Web design for non-profit organisation
Your new website goes LIVE
Step 6:

We continue to
provide world-class
service every month

Sick of those love ‘em and leave ‘em web designers who promise you the world and disappear the moment your email stops working? Yeah, those guys are the worst. That’s why we’re here for the long haul with 24/7 support, essential maintenance, and security checks included in every plan. 

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web Lakeland Swan Mascot 30 day free trial

Get Your FREE Mockup Now

Eager to get started on your new lead-generating website? Let’s Talk.

Your site redesign is on us.
Once your site launches, plans start at just $99/month

Step 1:

Tell Us About Your Business

Once your trial has started, you’ll be able to setup your account and log into your member dashboard. Think of this as a central control room for your website. It will look a little sparse at first, but eventually you’ll use this portal to check on your website, track KPIs, and easily request changes.

We’ll also introduce you to your dedicated account manager (who you’ll be working with as long as you’re a {web Lakeland} client). Your account manager is here to help make your redesign process easier in any way they can. Need some more info? Not sure what to expect when your site launches? Don’t hesitate to call them and ask.

Step 2:

Receive your 100% free, 100% Custom Website Mockup

A mockup is a static image that shows what your website will look like should you decide to continue your trial. Every word, page, and button will look exactly like it will online. It’s a key step in your redesign process as it allows us to rapidly prototype ideas and tweak your site design.

We’ll use your current content and site structure to build your mockup along with design best practices for your industry. We work with a wide range of businesses here in Lakeland, Polk County and Central Florida from finance to home improvement to tourism. Different industries have different website needs, and we want to dial into your market quickly.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed (and if somehow you are, we’ll change the mockup).

Step 3:

Approve your mockup or suggest revisions

Every {web Lakeland} website is designed from scratch for each client. We don’t force your content into awkward templates or copycat designs. Because our team is comprised of expert designers with full control over their designs, we can handle any request or adjustment. We want to get it RIGHT for you – we’ll work on your design until you love it.

The free redesign includes only content currently on your website. If you’d like us to add extra pages or content, we’re happy to do so at $97/page.

Step 4:

We get our nerd on (and develop your website)

Did you know the average {web Lakeland} website takes over 120 man-hours to complete? We take our time to ensure a top-tier finished product. Your redesign will use the same content and structure as your old site, but look a whole lot better. 

We build everything on a password-protected, temporary link that only you and {web Lakeland} have access to. You’ll be able to review and approve the full site, but search engines and your customers won’t see if before it’s ready.

Leave all the “tech stuff” to us. Your new site is more than just a pretty face – it’s also engineered for search engine traffic and customer conversions. Plus, we’ll get your entire tech stack playing nicely with each other. Newsletter subscription forms? Not a problem. Calendar integration? Got it. Email setup? Sure, we can help with that (and get you a professional @yourdomain address while we’re at it). 

Step 5:

Your new website goes LIVE

Once our development team finishes your website, you’ll get an email confirmation and phone call from your account manager. Take a careful look through your site and let us know if anything isn’t right – we’ll make sure it’s flawless before it launches. 

Upon your final approval, we’ll prepare to migrate your new website over to your domain name. Website launch is a completely hands-off process for you – just give us your domain information and we’ll do the rest. If you’re already paying for hosting, we’ll even call your provider and cancel it so you won’t be double-billed. 

Your free trial ends when your new site launches and we’ll bill the payment information you have on file. We accept all debit and credit cards, but cannot accept cash or checks. All billing is month-to-month, with no discounts for paying in advance.

Step 6:

We continue to provide world-class service every month

Welcome to the {web Lakeland} community! Feel the weight of your website lift off your shoulders, because our development team has it covered. After a successful site migration, we’ll handle all your routine maintenance, security, and hosting needs. {web Lakeland} gives you the peace of mind of a full in-house web team at a fraction of the cost.

Each month, we’ll run your website through our 50 point maintenance checklist. Should any issues come up with your content, security, or search engine rankings, your account manager will contact you ASAP. 

Have a fear of analytics? No worries we’ve got that covered too. View all your KPIs and site metrics in one place through your client dashboard. If you want to try a new business tactic, just let your account manager know. We’ll handle all the implementation so you can focus on what matters (running your business).  

Work outside our extensive regular maintenance schedule is billed at just $50/hour.