Web Lakeland Pricing = Affordable Full-Service Web Design Options

FROM OUR FOUNDER: Web Lakeland Pricing = Affordable Full-Service Web Design Options

By Michael Fied, Web Lakeland founder and C.E.O.

This post is part of our “From Our Founder” series, where our founder and C.E.O. Michael gives a behind-the-scenes look on what makes our company unique. Transparency is a key value of ours, and we’d love to keep these conversations going. Feel free to reach out in the comments, via social media, or schedule a call with him directly!

I’m very open about our pricing strategy: You get a FREE website overhaul, then pay low monthly hosting plans starting at $99 a month. If you need additional website work outside of your plan, we charge $50-60/hr (depending on your plan).

You can read all about your options on our plans and pricing page, but I wanted to break it down and give some extra examples.

Free Website Redesign

My team uses your existing content to create a one-of-a-kind
website that perfectly suits your business’s needs. We design all sites from
scratch – no templates, pre-fab sites, or clones of your competitors.

As you can imagine, this is a huge upfront risk for us. Since
we don’t offer long-term contracts, if you choose not to continue your service with us, we’ll never be paid for the significant amount of time we put into your site. However, we are so confident you’ll love our service (and see a clear ROI each month) that we’re willing to take on all the risk ourselves.

On our basic plan, we’ll devote up to 50 hours of work to making your new website. This is more than enough time to make a beautiful, functional, mobile-ready website that’s built to convert. That time gets bumped
up to 120 hours on our essentials plan (our most popular plan) and 300 hours on our enterprise plan.

So how does my team use this extra time? We devote more resources to improving the functionality, usability, and design of your website, resulting in a better experience for your customers and a more premium design. We’ll test and optimize for lead generation, increasing the chances your visitors will call you or buy from you.

If you require extensive custom solutions, such as complex lead-generation quizzes or marketing funnels, our essentials or enterprise plans are a better fit than the basic plan.

Want to see what Web Lakeland designs look like? I’ve compiled some of my favorite projects on our portfolio page.

SSL Certificate

Web Lakeland essentials and enterprise plans come with a
free SSL certificate, which signals to browsers and search engines that your site is secure.

Many browsers will flag sites without SSL certificates, even
if the sites themselves are completely safe. Google and other search engines
are also moving towards penalizing “unsecure” sites. It’s now more important than ever to ensure your site is recognized as safe.

I always recommend a SSL certificate, but it’s essential if:

  • Your site has been hacked in the past
  • You are trying to rank in search engines quickly
  • You plan on booking appointments or selling
    anything from your site
  • You offer any kind of service in which trust and
    security essential (ex: local government website, lawyer’s office, financial services site)

If any of these apply to you, choose the essentials or enterprise plans over the basic plan.

Get Faster Search Engine Rankings

My team has extensive experience in on-page search engine
optimization (SEO). We work together to optimize every aspect of your site to get you seen on search engines.

SEO is an ongoing process (not a one-and-done task like some
agencies may tell you). For clients on my essentials or enterprise plans, we
devote extra time each month to refining and improving your SEO.

This results in faster Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings. We’ll
also devote extra time to testing and improving your conversion rate (the
percentage of website traffic who turns into a lead or customer). With more search engine traffic and better conversions, your website will be bringing in more business than you ever expected.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Critical maintenance and updates are included in every Web
Lakeland plan. When you’re running a business, you typically don’t have the time, manpower, or experience to keep your site running perfectly (and you shouldn’t have to!). I developed a 50-point checklist based on my decade of experience in web design to keep everything on your site in good working order.

If you’re on our enterprise plan, my team will expand that
checklist to 311 points. My extended checklist is designed to aggressively test and improve every aspect of your website, from security to SEO to user
experience. It’s ideal for large, established businesses that need absolute
assurance their site is performing at its maximum.

Choosing Your Web Lakeland Plan

Not sure which pricing plan is best for your business? Don’t
hesitate to schedule a call with me. I’m always happy to help potential clients talk through their website needs. Click here to schedule a call with me.

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