Mobile Responsive Web Design

Last year, 52% of internet traffic came from mobile devices (compared to 50% in 2018). We’ve seen even higher percentages of mobile traffic (over 75%) …

Rectangle split diagonally down the middle. The left side is blue with the {web Lakeland} swan logo. "vs" is in the middle, black text in a white circle. The Squarspace logo is on the right side, white with a black background.

{web Lakeland} vs. Squarespace: Which is better for business websites?

The other day I got a question I must have heard a hundred times already: what makes {web Lakeland} different from Squarespace? A large portion …

What is SEO? Beginner SEO for Small Business

What is SEO? Beginner SEO for Small Businesses

Ah, SEO. As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve gotten about 10 million ads promoting it.  Link building, keyword research, SERPs…what does any of that even …

The Web Lakeland COVID-19 Response We’re Here to Help

The {web dev} COVID-19 Response: We’re Here to Help

My business has always been about helping other business owners grow. I also consider you a valued friend and loyal client, so I wanted to take a minute to update you on what we’re doing as a company to ensure we can continue to support you in this time of Covid-19.

Plant City Electrical Art Box Competition

Web Lakeland Among Winners in Plant City Electrical Art Box Competition

From everyone here at Web Lakeland, we’d like to thank Plant City for allowing us to participate in their electrical art box competition. Many talented …

Web Lakeland Pricing = Affordable Full-Service Web Design Options

FROM OUR FOUNDER: Web Lakeland Pricing = Affordable Full-Service Web Design Options

By Michael Fied, Web Lakeland founder and C.E.O. This post is part of our “From Our Founder” series, where our founder and C.E.O. Michael gives …

Shop around see what makes Web Lakeland standout

Shop Around

We keep an eye on our competition here in Lakeland to make sure we’re offering our services at a competitive price, and that we’re beating …

web Lakeland Local

Buy Local

It’s tough to find a local website partner who won’t charge you an arm and a leg, and who will actually care about your site …

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